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An Ode to Thalie and Androgyny


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Thalie by Frederic Monceau

The absence of genres is not the negation of an identity but the creation of alternatives. In a more diverse environment, labeling reassures narrow minds. While those who look to the future can only open their fields of possibilities by understanding that each element present in this world is more and more complex and is necessarily defined by nuances.
"Pink for girls, blue for boys" still sounded like a certainty yesterday, but now rings false. Simply because everything is permanent movement and preconceived ideas are no exception - They move and evolve.
For centuries, fashion has come up against "good morality" to use what Catherine Mallaval puts forward in Liberation, with stereotypes and prejudices.
I think it’s up to the creators, artists and the various stakeholders in creative endeavours to move thoughts towards accepting diversity as a strength rather than a weakness.
It’s also in this sense that portraying a boy with slightly androgynous features struck me as very consistent and current.
Major or minor, our actions define who we are and outline the society of tomorrow. I am sure that beauty helps to convince gently while horror convinces with violence. Aesthetics is a tool that helps artists to go further and to change mores little by little.

"Thalie's Little Black Bag" ultra-luxe experience curated by Franck & Umunique @Atelier7Sven.
Creative Direction Thalie : @ndionne
Photography & texts : @frederic.monceau
Model : @myr_eden
3D Furniture : fabrice.ausset