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"Thalie embodies Parisian chic, minimalism and takes sustainable luxury handbags to new heights"
Nathalie Dionne, Founder of Thalie Paris

Brand Manifesto

Founded in Paris by Nathalie Dionne in 2020.

Thalie is a French pioneering brand of eco-luxury handbags & accessories. Thalie embodies Parisian chic, minimalism and takes sustainable luxury handbags to new heights.

Creating synergies in a sustainable future, textile innovation, craftsmanship and creativity at the heart of our journey. Nathalie Dionne imagined the brand manifesto during the first Paris lockdown in March 2020.  While taking a walk towards Palais de Tokyo on the 16th where she lives, she found Thalie written on a 30's Bas Relief of French sculptor Janniot.

The brand's aesthetic is inspired by 30's Modern Art, Greek Muses, Paris 16th & enigmatic Parisians who have inspired fashion photography and art throughout history like patron of the art Marie-Laure de Noailles at the "Le bal de la mer" wearing a dress made of marine leather or a series of images by Helmut Newton shot in late 70s in Paris 16th. 

Thalie, a Muse by whom nature flourishes

In ancient Greek, Thalie (Thaleia) means The flourishing

Thalie is represented in major art from the Italian Renaissance as she appears as one of the 3 Graces or Charities. It is said that Thalie brought beauty to the world and through her nature revived. 

Thalie is also an endearing nickname, short for Nathalie her father used to give her...

Our Engagements 

Thalie was conceived as a brand strongly oriented towards sustainability in all its phases. From concept to distribution, Thalie is a pioneering brand in sustainable luxury leather goods and a key new player alongside other French luxury brands.

Thalie was the first brand in France to commercialize bags made of recycled marine leather from Ictyos and vegan cactus from Desserto.

Born in the heart of Paris, our bags draw their essence from the timeless elegance of the French capital. Crafted in the most prestigious LWG Gold tanneries, they embody the pinnacle of French and European craftsmanship. In 2022 Thalie joined Greentech Europe.

In 2023, Thalie joined the accelerator program Positive Luxury and is currently undergoing the highest ESG+ assessment to obtain the Butterfly mark.

Thalie Paris goes beyond handbags; we craft statements of style. Our creations are designed for women who embrace their individuality without compromising comfort and functionality. Because elegance goes hand in hand with responsibility, we prioritize noble and sustainable materials, sourced with respect for the environment.

Every Thalie bag is an ode to modern femininity. Ergonomics and freedom of movement are combined with sensual and eco-responsible materials to enhance your daily life. More than an accessory, it becomes an extension of your personality, a faithful companion in your urban adventures.

"Sustainability is an opportunity not a constraint to creativity and at Thalie, we take recycling to art."

Founder and Creative director

Nathalie Dionne

Nathalie Dionne is a Paris based Entrepreneur & Creative Director who has worked for global and luxury brands. During her 20 years fashion career, she has worked & lived in Paris, LA, Vancouver, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. In the heart of fashion and cultural landmarks, she learned to develop a skillful set of competences from extensive product design to creative team management and fashion merchandising. Fusing global culture, taking cues from chic Paris to casual luxury, her travels have shaped her sense of refined aesthetic. Her design work has been featured in such magazines as FRENCH VOGUE, ELLE, GLAMOUR, BE, JALOUSE, MADAME FIGARO, GRAZIA, FLAVOR, and HARPER’S BAZAAR.

Since 2012 she is a creative consultant to global & luxury brands, a fashion industry expert and has worked as consultant for LVMH, Private Equity, Edge Funds, Unesco, BCG, McKinsey and Fortune 500 companies.

Her passion for fashion, textile innovation, art, tech, business and travel are driving her artistic journey, leading the path to sustainable innovation and experiential luxury.

In March 2020 Thalie Haute Maroquinerie was created with a desire to explore new sustainable recycled and vegan material innovation for luxury French leather goods.

marine leather

Sushi collection

Thalie’s Sushi collection offers bags produced from salmon skin industrial recycling from sushi restaurants in France. The Sushi collection is made of Squama leather. This marine leather is developed by ICTYOS – a startup incubated at Maison des Start-ups LVMH. Most of iconic styles from sushi collection are entirely Made in France reducing our carbon foot print. We are currently developing a Sorga blockchain tracing for each Thalie bag made in France.

vegan leather


We also offer an innovative material as an alternative to leather made of cactus. Durable and elegant bags for everyday use are PeTA approved vegan solution to elevated accessories. Discover our vegan bags, inspired by organic shapes found in nature.

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Thalie Paris Shines on the Red Carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival

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