Introducing VICTOIRE - Thalie Paris' New Compact Tote

Introducing Thalie Paris' newest addition to the Upcycled collection - the VICTOIRE top handle tote, showcasing a sustainable approach to fashion for the #NewEra. This is a limited edition handmade piece from the AW 2023 collection and is proudly crafted in France.

Looking to preorder a customizable tote in multiple colors? The VICTOIRE tote is now available for preorder and comes in five different colors to suit your style. It is made in France using upcycled French bull leather sourced from LVMH by @nona_source, resulting in a luxurious feel. 

Thalie Paris' "Upcycled" collection is manufactured from leather tanneries' dormant stocks in the luxury goods industry that might otherwise end up in landfills. This innovative approach to reusing materials is an essential part of our efforts to make the fashion industry more sustainable by redefining what is considered 'waste' and creating high-value products like the VICTOIRE tote.


Thalie Paris Victoire tote bag

Muse: @lenabadri
Photo credit: @nicolasinparis

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