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Thalie Paris

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Elegance Meets Sustainability

Eco luxury bags

"Thalie Paris is rethinking the codes of luxury by imposing biomaterials with low carbon impact and upcycled leathers."

"Rare environmental consciousness in the realm of high-end leather goods. A brand that is already a must in the world of Parisian luxury, and even further afield."

"A pure source of inspiration for the new season"

"A Parisian brand of exquisite leather goods, combining empirical luxury, innovative materials, and a commitment to nature"

"The rarity of genuinely sustainable leather goods"


Thalie Paris, a sustainable luxury brand of accessories inspired by 30's Modern Art and Muses.
We create daring handbags made of innovative, vegan and recycled materials for women who do not want to compromise on styling and functionality but understand the importance of not over consuming while using available resources.

At Thalie, we take recycling to art.

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