Sublimated Circularity : The Sushi Collection

The Sushi Collection takes sustainability to a new level by breathing new life into precious recycled salmon leather. Thalie collaborates with French tannery ICTYOS, taking to art the industrial recycling from French Sushi Shops. The unique design of this collection was inspired by the 30's modernist art.

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Upcycled Croco : The Pendulum Collection

Thalie's Pendulum Collection is made of embossed calf leather using dormant stocks leftover from the luxury industry. These beautiful and effortless silhouettes move like pendulums, suspended from a pivot signature leather handcuff allowing you to swing freely. 

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Cactus - Innovative Bio Leather

The Cactus Collection presents a PETA-certified vegan solution to elevated accessories. Using DESSERTO material a highly sustainable plant based, vegan bio leather made from cactus. Our innovative cactus bags are marked by their great softness and durability while complying with the most rigorous quality and environmental standards. Thalie bags made of cactus vegan leather are design for eco-conscious Parisians of the world.

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Upcycled : Ruched Leather

Using couture techniques to drape dormant stocks leather leftover from the luxury industry. The "Upcycled Ruched Leather, in French called "Le cuir bouillonné", is crafted with a consideration for lightness of the bags against the weight of a black matte gourmet chain.

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THALIE : Thaleia in ancient Greek (The Flourishing)

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