Thalie Paris' Commitment and Materials

Where luxury meets innovation and sustainability

  • Boîte d'expédition recyclée édition spéciale "Thalie, la muse" imprimé par Jeremy Kapone @jika_art, Imprimé en France. 
  • Housse de protection blanche avec logo Thalie noir. En coton biologique avec un ruban gros grain noir. Imprimé en France.
  • Sac cabas en édition limitée, impression "Thalie, la muse" par Jeremy Kapone @jika_art, coton 300gsm, 41X46cm. Fabriqué en France.

Marine Leather

Our "Sushi" collection is made of Ictyos Squama Luxe that comes from the recycling of salmon leather from agro-food industries and French sushi restaurants.

Developed in Lyon by Ictyos Cuirs Marins de France, Ictyos uses vegetable tanning---a process that does not involve harmful substances like chrome and heavy metals that is widely used in traditional tanning. Thanks to Ictyos, Thalie Paris is able to create value-added products by transforming salmon skin waste into a luxurious resource which reduces our environmental footprint and thus contributes to a circular and restorative system.

Cactus Leather

Our vegan line, the “Cactus” handbags collection is PETA certified and is made from cactus fiber, a plant based material supplied by Mexican company Desserto.

Cactus-based vegan material is an innovative OEKO-TEX certified organic vegan material, developed and produced in sustainable farms in Mexico from the native nopal cactus. It's an exciting new vegan material, that's both luxurious and durable. It offers high resistance to abrasion, rubbing and tearing. It's also soft and breathable. As an organic plant-based material with low carbon emissions, use of energy and water, it's an environmentally friendly vegan material. Desserto was selected as a finalist of the LVMH Innovation Awards in 2021.

Upcycled Leather

Our "Upcycled" collection is manufactured from dormant stocks of leather tanneries in the luxury goods industry which otherwise might end up in landfills. Redefining ‘waste’ through the upcycle of a high value product like leather is a very important part of our strategy in our efforts to make the fashion industry more sustainable.