The Future of Fashion is Here - Sustainable Luxury with Thalie Paris

Without a doubt, the future of fashion lies in the hands of brands and designers who are championing change.

While COP26 provides the impetus for the fashion industry to set ambitious targets regarding sustainability, a massive shift is required on a global scale to critically examine every stage of the value chain from raw materials to finished products. 

Thalie Paris is a pioneering brand of eco-luxury handbags & accessories and a key new player alongside other French luxury brands. Founded in Paris by Nathalie Dionne during the world-wide pandemic in 2020, Thalie is a brand strongly oriented towards sustainability in all its phases from concept to distribution and was created with a desire to explore innovative and recycled materials for french luxury leather-goods.

Thalie Paris fosters the creation of a more sustainable luxury by ensuring its raw materials are sourced in eco-friendly ways either by using environmentally certified suppliers, recycling noble materials, or using plant-based textile innovations. “We can be an agent of change and do so in an eco-responsible way thanks to new recycled or upcycled materials.” stated Nathalie Dionne.

Thalie’s vision is to be the international emblem of innovative and sustainable luxury leather goods and seeks to communicate its competitive differentiation through a modern, luxurious and accessible message for a French and international clientele.

Thalie Paris recently equipped its eco-designed handbags with SORGA blockchain technology---a digital passport that guarantees traceability and transparency in order to communicate its commitment on each product. "Thalie Paris is a pioneering brand in sustainable luxury leather goods, designed for responsible creation." Nathalie Dionne said. "It was therefore logical that we equip our creations with the best solution to communicate to our customers our commitments with inviolable, verifiable and unerasable evidence." She added. 

 Thalie was the first brand in France to commercialize handbags made of recycled marine leather and cactus. In addition to materials, Thalie favors ecological packaging, production to order or 3D modeling to avoid the need for conventional prototyping, which consumes resources. “Sustainability is an opportunity and not a constraint on creativity.” stated Nathalie Dionne.

Thalie Paris will be available at Bloomingdale's department store in Dubai from Spring 2022 as it expands its footprint into the Middle Eastern market.



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