Squama Luxe

What is Squama Luxe?

Here we are talking about 100% Made in France, innovation and style.

ICTYOS is the French leather startup incubated by LVMH Maison des Start-ups that has cleverly reused the salmon skins of your beloved Sushi Shop and thus create an innovative, durable and high quality material: the Squama.

This high-quality flaked salmon leather therefore comes from a local upcycling and has been transformed using a vegetable tanning process, unique in the world, after more than 3,000 tests.

No animal was bred to produce these leathers, quite the contrary ! ICTYOS intelligently uses untapped resources to give them a second lease of life.
The result is incredible: an almost reptilian texture, a velvet touch and a frank and light color.

The elegant and stylish shoulder bag "Raphaelle" is made using Squama Luxe. 

To learn more about the potential of sustainable fashion : https://podcasts.apple.com/fr/podcast/smart-creation-podcast/id1463232313

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