Thalie top picks for your wardrobe to mark World Earth Day 2022

Each year on April 22, millions of people all over the world celebrate world earth day. Earth day marks the beginning of the environmental movement in 1970, and for the last 52 years has brought in policy change and a greater environmental awareness.

World Earth Day 2022 will be held under the theme "Invest In Our Planet"  – a rallying cry to invest in a better future for the planet. Although fashion has long been branded as one of the biggest polluters of the environment, an increasing number of brands in the industry are putting in a great deal of effort to right its former wrongdoings.

At Thalie Paris, the ethical use of natural resources needed to make our products is a responsibility we have embraced and a necessity that continues to drive us as a constant source of innovation, value creation and creativity. We foster the creation of a more sustainable luxury by ensuring our raw materials are sourced in eco-friendly ways either by using environmentally certified suppliers, recycling noble materials, or using plant-based textile innovations like cactus materials.

Want to ensure that you play your part on Earth Day by investing responsibly? Here are our top recommendations for your wardrobe to mark World Earth Day 2022.








This vintage half-moon crossbody bag is made of DESSERTOa cactus based vegan alternative to leather and PeTA certified. Florine is one of the three sister bags, inspired by the Three Graces of ancient Greek mythology. A perfect balance between sustainability and luxury, Florine would easily contain the essentials, and accessorize any outfit virtuously!








The embodiment of neo-luxury and a symbol of the renaissance, Thalie’s Pia is masterfully assembled from upcycled nappa lambskin and has a softly rounded shape with knotted handle raised at one side. Finished with Thalie’s initial, ‘T’ logo plaque, this baguette bag is minimalist and timeless and will be able to hold your essentials, such as your phone, keys and wallet.




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