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Article: Thalie Paris, a young brand of eco-friendly luxury leather goods


Thalie Paris, a young brand of eco-friendly luxury leather goods

Born a year ago in the heart of Paris's 16th arrondissement, Thalie is a new generation of creative, high-end leather goods brands with an ecological conscience, integrating eco-responsibility from product design to distribution.


Thalie Paris Raphaelle




The founder, Nathalie Dionne, has worked for both fast-fashion and luxury groups, and is also the founder of Brand Creatives Paris, a creative agency that helps major groups develop sustainable collections. It was within this structure that the outline of Thalie took shape.

Thalie is structured around three collections representing alternatives to traditional leather. The "Sushi collection" offers bags made from salmon skin recycled by sushi restaurants in France. This material, called "Squama Luxe", is supplied by the French tannery Icytos.

The "Cactus collection" features pieces made from cactus fibers sourced from Mexico, while the "Upcycled collection" features pieces manufactured from dormant stocks of leather from the luxury goods industry. 

In addition to materials, Thalie favors eco-friendly packaging, made-to-order production and 3D modeling to avoid resorting to conventional, resource-consuming prototyping. 

For its launch, Thalie Paris received financial support from Paris Initiative Entreprise, PIA Fab, via BPI's innovation division, and Milan-based investment fund Impactage, which specializes in sustainable development.

In the early stages of its distribution, Thalie recently took part in the Tranoï Link virtual trade show. "A great tool that enabled us to identify buyers in Japan, Greece, Italy and Spain. We're very satisfied with it.", explains the brand.


Article written by Sarah Ahssen, editor at Fashion Network.

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