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Article: Celebrating Earth Day 2023 with Thalie Paris' Eco-Responsible Luxury Bags

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Celebrating Earth Day 2023 with Thalie Paris' Eco-Responsible Luxury Bags

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is observed worldwide by over a billion people as the largest secular celebration. This day calls for a change in human behavior and the creation of global, national, and local policy changes. With climate change wreaking havoc on the planet, the fight for a clean environment is now more urgent than ever before.

If you're looking to invest in eco-conscious products, it's essential to choose products made from sustainable, upcycled, or plant-based materials, along with biodegradable materials and compostable packaging, and reusable alternatives to single-use items. Opting for these environmentally responsible options not only benefits the consumer but also helps reduce the ecological impact on the planet.

Thalie Paris fosters the creation of a more sustainable luxury by ensuring our raw materials are sourced in eco-friendly ways either by using environmentally certified suppliers, recycling noble materials, or using plant-based textile innovations. We can be an agent of change and do so in an eco-responsible way thanks to new recycled or upcycled materials.” stated Nathalie Dionne

In February 2020, Thalie Paris was the first brand in France to ever commercialise handbags made with cactus from DESSERTO, the Mexican company that supplies the cactus fiber used for Thalie’s “Cactus” handbags collection. As an organic plant-based material with low carbon emissions, low use of energy and water, it's an environmentally friendly vegan material. Thalie Paris has received the PeTA  Vegan Approved label for its cactus collection and is listed on And was listed as best vegan brands France in 2022 by

Shop "Ambre" -Thalie Paris' medium baguette bag made of cactus vegan material


In addition to materials, Thalie favors ecological packaging, production to order or 3D modeling to avoid the need for conventional prototyping, which consumes resources. “Sustainability is an opportunity and not a constraint on creativity.” stated Nathalie Dionne.

Thalie Paris also sources its leathers from upcycling and from the finest French & Italian tanneries which has a Gold LWG certification; the foremost certification for tanneries; representing the biggest network of environmentally-audited tanneries around the world.


In January 2023, Thalie Paris was selected within the highly-regarded Positive Luxury Accelerator Programme. As an integral part of the Programme, Thalie is currently undergoing evaluation to earn the highest ESG+ Butterfly Mark certification. The Butterfly Mark certification is an independent and globally respected trust mark awarded exclusively to luxury brands, retailers, and suppliers that meet the highest standards of verified ESG+ performance, which encompasses Environmental, Social, Governance, and Innovation.

Thalie Paris desserto cactus vegan bag


Shop "Flore" - Thalie Paris small crossbody bag made of cactus vegan material



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