When you acquire a Thalie vegan bag made of Desserto materials you contribute to Carbon Capture Offset.

Since 2020, Thalie has been a pioneer with material innovation and vegan materials. Thalie was the first brand in France to commercialise vegan cactus bag, way before other famous brands joined the vegan material quest.
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About Desserto's cactus plantation

Desserto Cactus farming innovation leverage the plant’s superb adaptations to dry and arid landscape areas that including fixing carbon dioxide at night and closing the spores (stomata) during the day to avoid evaporation, thus earning producers carbon credits at an accelerated pace in under twelve months is possible.

In other words, Cactus efficiently removes Carbon from the atmosphere permanently.

Desserto’s Cactus plantations are able to trap up to 8,100 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare per year.

Land and water:

Desserto's Cactus perennial plantations are also able to offer strong vegetative cover against erosion or desertification while being able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures and to thrive in water limited environments. It is characterized by a wide-spreading fibrous roots system allowing it to access surface water and its succulent stems and pads store large quantities of water per hectare. These can be obtained by factory processing and purified for domestic use as acknowledged by the United Nations Food Agriculture Organization. The impact on air pollution, soil remediation, and water provisioning would reach and improve many lives in the dry and arid areas we propose to set up the innovation.

Reforestation and efficiency:

The Nopal Cactus prefers dry well drained gravel to sandy soils, better still in areas of high sunlight and warm temperatures. This is an inexpensive and efficient option to protect the environment, begin the rehabilitation of land and soil, and obtain these benefits more efficiently than by the difficult talk of planting trees initially. In fact, planting the Cactus ultimately allows trees to flourish more quickly. Cactus’ period to maturity is much shorter.

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