Thalie Paris X Agatha Daria Maksimova

 Watch Thalie Paris "Endless Inspiration" clip shot by Spanish film maker Pablo Ontoria.

Inspired by the revival of the 16th arrondissement, rich in cultural, historical and architectural heritage. The mythological bas-relief from the Tokyo Palace, one of the symbols of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, tells the story of the muse Thalie, after whom the brand is named. 
Thalie in Ancient Greek is Thaleia ( Θάλεια ) which means the flourishing.

This venue also served as decor for the shooting  with French actress Agatha Daria Maksimova and photographer Olga Gasnier for Marie-Claire Ukraine.

Inspired by 1930s modernism, the Marine Leather Collection is crafted from Squama Lux, a recycled salmon leather that resembles exotic leathers. The leather is transformed by French marine tannery ICTYOS, and makes Thalie's signature collection instantly recognizable. 

Thalie Paris is leading the path, pioneering towards sustainable luxury, a new equation between creativity and circular economy in the world of luxury goods. You can discover the brand @thalieofficial on Instagram.
The brand's limited edition Marine Leather Collection is now shipping worldwide.

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