Thalie Paris in the first 70 European Women-Led Greentech Startups

Discover the untapped potential of women-led climate ventures that are shaking up the world of greentech innovation.

Funding into women-led climate ventures is still shockingly low — in line with global averages at around 2% of all capital allocated. We need this to change. Not only are women working in the climate tech world tenacious — they’ve already battled their way through male-dominated education systems, but recent research shows that women-led ventures deliver higher revenue and ultimately make better investments for financial backers.

With temperatures in the region recorded to be rising higher than any continent in the world, and at more than twice the global average, Europe very much needs the innovative products that women founders are developing.

Village Capital and Visa Foundation have joined forces to tackle this urgent issue, aiming to bridge the gender financing and resource gap across the continent. In its inaugural year, the program empowered 70 startups from 22 countries, with founding teams having at least one female founder and more than a third of teams having an Asian, Black, or LatinX founder.

Women all over Europe are spearheading groundbreaking solutions to the climate crisis, from sulfur-based batteries and floating solar power plants to renewable energy subscriptions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Learn more about the 70 exceptional women-led ventures. Become part of our mentor network, and support the extraordinary startups joining the Greentech 2023 program - together, we can fuel a brighter, greener future.


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