Thalie Paris in Naples - Exploring the origins of the 3 Graces in Pompeii


It was not until the eighteenth century that excavations uncovered this glorious city that was wiped off the map in a matter of hours. The artists, painters and lovers of Antiquity then flocked to Campania and fell in love with the moving ruins. Everything has been so well preserved under gray ashes. 


Pompeii is a time capsule, a door to forgotten worlds. It is in this immense city, so alive, so close that a fresco of the three graces was discovered. In Roman mythology, the three Graces personify life in its fullness. Thaleia is the name of one of The Three Graces or Charities which means “the flourishing” in ancient greek. Thalie embodies all characteristics of nature’s beauty, creativity, and the spirit of youth.


Roman civilization, 1st-century A.D. Fresco depicting the Three Graces. From Pompeii, Italy. Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Archaeological Museum)


Inspired by Parisian chic, textile innovation and sustainable development, Thalie Paris was conceived as a brand strongly oriented towards sustainability in all phases of its design, production and distribution.

 Thalie's collection is manufactured mostly from dormant stocks of leather from the luxury goods industry which otherwise might end up in landfills. Thalie Paris also source leathers from the finest Italian tanneries like Russo Di Cassandrino which has a Gold LWG certification. Leather Working Group (LWG) is the foremost certification for tanneries, representing the biggest network of environmentally-audited tanneries around the world.

Made in Italy from buttery soft and sensuous LWG nappa lambskin, Thalie's ruched leather tote bag has a characteristic softness similar to that of a pillow; combining style and functionality with ruching details.

Available in sage green, cream and black, “Margot” has enough room to contain daily essentials like laptop, tablet or important documents and is sure to beautifully complement almost any outfit with its standout textural element.


Thalie Paris black tote bag

@thatsmarti_ with Thalie’s ruched lambskin leather tote bag in black



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