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Eco-friendly trends called the shots at spring/summer 2021 fashion shows – shifting the fashion industry towards sustainable production and encouraging the creatives to join the climate-positivity movement. A team of inspired artists carried an exclusive editorial to deliver sustainable fashion from the heart of Paris.

An eco-conscious philosophy of the editorial found the backing in the ethereal location – Pink Mamma restaurant. Feasting our eyes on the avant-garde interior of a big and friendly trattoria on 4 floors Pink Mamma, we can’t but awe at how harmoniously brass and marble, greenery and glass, vintage and modernity blended in a pure rapture! Photographer Olga Gasnier sparks viewers to delight in the sublime aesthetic of the city shot from the restaurant’s rooftop.


Thalie Paris cleo mini

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Curating Parisian ecological and exquisite wardrobe one can’t do without accessories. Thalie – an innovative and digitally advanced sustainable handbag brand – offers a new luxury experience through incomparable designs, inspirational choice of colors, and organic materials like salmon and cactus leather.

Article written by Katherine Bykovets.


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