Thalie Paris handbags made with cactus bio-lather

 Thalie Paris is reinventing the codes of Haute Maroquinerie and the "eco-conscious” by taking vegan accessories to new heights with DESSERTO.

Meet FlorineFaustine and Flore, the three “sister bags” of this first vegan collection from Thalie Paris. They refer to the Three Graces of Greek mythology. They embody charm, beauty and human creativity. The name Thalie comes from Thaleia in Ancient Greek which means "the flourishing" and perfectly reflects the brand's commitment to sustainability in creative design.

This first collection is made with DESSERTO, a high quality alternative to leather made from cactus fibers.

It was founded in 2019 in Mexico by Marte Cazarez Duarte & Adrian Lopez Velarde

Cactus leather is an innovative OEKO-TEX certified organic vegan leather, developed and produced in sustainable farms in Mexico from the native nopal cactus. It's an exciting new vegan leather as it feels and looks incredibly high end and luxurious, but it's also really durable and hard-wearing, meaning your investment will last a long time.

It offers high resistance to abrasion, rubbing and tearing, and has great durability. It's also soft and breathable and can be easily worked to produce beautiful vegan leather bags.

As an organic plant-based material with low carbon emissions, use of energy and water, it's an incredibly environmentally friendly vegan leather too.

Thalie is currently auditing all their factories and ensuring they are in compliance with the highest regulations: fair working labour, minimum wages, safe environment & good working conditions.

Their long term goals is to work only with factories that are committed to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and ensuring a low carbon footprint.

In February 2020, Thalie Paris was the first brand in France to ever commercialise handbags made with DESSERTO, leading the path to sustainability.

Thalie Paris has received the PeTA  Vegan Approved label for its cactus collection and is listed on

In 2021 Desserto was finalist of the Vogue Italia Yoox contest launched at Milan Fashion Week attended by Anna Wintour and finalist of the LVMH Innovation Awards

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