Thalie Paris: Why You Should Choose Bio-based Cactus based Vegan Leather Bags

Vegan bio-based cactus leather is a term that refers to a material that mimics the look and feel of animal leather, but is made from cactus, a plant-based material with wonderful properties and hand feel.They are new generation luxury leather goods.

By investing in a vegan bio-based bag instead of a faux leather one often called eco-leather, you will make a positive difference for the planet and the animals.


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Vegan leather bags have many advantages that make them a smart choice for ethical and eco-conscious consumers. Here are some of the benefits of vegan leather bags:

- They do not require tanning process that involves harmful chemicals like 85% of the leather in the market. They are low impact and use little water to make.

- They are durable. Our vegan cactus leather bags are made from components that are eco-friendly, ethical, and long-lasting. They can withstand wear and tear, and maintain their quality and appearance for years if you take good care of them.

- They are eco-friendly. Vegan leather bags are made from natural or recycled materials that have a lower environmental impact. They do not emit harmful chemicals or microplastics into the environment, and they can be recycled or biodegraded at the end of their life cycle.

- They are ethical. Vegan leather bags support fair trade and animal welfare. They do not involve any animal suffering or killing in their production process, and our suppliers provide decent working conditions and wages for the workers.


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In February 2020, Thalie Paris was the first brand in France to ever commercialise handbags made with cactus from DESSERTO, the Mexican company that supplies the cactus fiber used for Thalie’s “Cactus” handbags collection. As an organic plant-based material with low carbon emissions, low use of energy and water, it is an environmentally friendly vegan material. Thalie Paris has received the PeTA Vegan Approved label for its cactus collection and is listed on

Cactus-based vegan material is an innovative OEKO-TEX certified organic vegan material, developed and produced in sustainable farms in Mexico from the native nopal cactus. It's an exciting new vegan material that is both luxurious and durable. Soft and breathable, it offers high resistance to abrasion, rubbing and tearing. Desserto was selected as a finalist of the LVMH Innovation Awards in 2021.

Check out Thalie Paris’ collection of luxury vegan leather bags where you can find classic/trendy styles like the baguette bag, crossbody bag, bucket bag or hobo bag. We offer free shipping in France, EU, UK and USA.


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